Have You Seen Us On The Weather Channel?

Since Friday, we are pleased to report an enormous number of viewers have been tuning into our TV commercials on the Weather Channel, particularly, The Dish Network and Verizon. With only 60 airings, our current number of viewers has hit over 14 Million – that is 14,413,685 to be exact.

If you have yet to catch the air time, which is still running, the broadcast features Generac’s “Never feel powerless” formula in hopes that viewers will also feel less victimized by hurricane Irene’s terrorizing nature.  Inevitably, the purchases for portable generators have been going through the roof.  In a recent article in the business journal serving greater Milwaukee, Generac tells reporters they have been “shipping around the clock”.

The commercial closes by showcasing our name in the final scene, “Norwall PowerSystems” highlighting our commitments and performance “We supply the WORLD with emergency POWER”. 

We are delighted to comment, our 15 seconds of fame has informed and saved the power breaks of many residence and business owners, as opposed to the reported 6 million along the East Coast that are without electricity.

Thank you to all who have watched our announcement and supported us.