Norwall Stocks Up On Out-Of-Stock Items

With the latest spike in generator sales some products have been hard to find, models have been sold out and waiting times are taking longer than usual from the factory in some cases. That is why Norwall has stocked up on numerous of the popular and essential items. We want to make sure your order can be sent out right away, without any waiting time.

With a variety of needs out there, we wanted to make sure we had some of everything. Our stocking location is full, with inverters ranging from 800-7000Watts, portables from 2000-10,000+ Watts, home standby 6-20kW and whole house from 22-45kW. This includes some of our most purchased generators like the Generac Portable XG Series XG8000E with electric start and the 18/20kW/LP Generator and 200 Amp ATS for Whole House. In addition, we have slashed prices to help you save on expenditures during this hurricane season.

If you have not yet had a chance or the funds to provide yourself and your family with the comfort of a generating power system it may be an opportune time now. Hurricane season is just past the middle mark with 2  1/2 months of the season remaining. As Richard Kline once said “Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control”.

How Great It Is To See People Preparing

It is good to see Americans preparing themselves for the worst case scenario this hurricane season. Since Hurricane Irene, generator sales have accelerated, informing us the situation is not being taken lightly.  More and more people are committing in standby and portable generating systems as part of their survival and comfort plans to ride out this chilling period.

According to an online forum, generators have had a recent parallel when it comes to purchases. Apparently generators and chain saws have been the two must-have items for many. In some areas where there are many poles and trees, locals have been using the two as a before and after team. The generator to provide consolation and safety, while the chainsaw to clean up the after effects.

With approximately 78 days left to go we have already been a part of 12 tropical storms, 1 tropical depression and 2 hurricanes. We sincerely hope that the worst of it has come and past, but as all hurricane seasons begin, we know there is no knowing until it has gone. With this in mind, it is still critical to keep a “Hurricane preparedness Kit” close at hand. As we have talked about before, some critical items are: cash, medical supplies, food, water, utility items such as batteries, flashlights and lanterns. Of course, keep your insurance up to date, cars fueled and have a family go-to plan.