14kw Standby Generator Comparison

14kw Standby Generator Comparison

In the event the utility power goes out, standby generators supply backup emergency power through the power outage. Whether a major hurricane or perhaps a fast-moving local thunderstorm, power outages can last a few hours, a week, or providing monthly or more. Using a availability of standby power coming from a home generator, residents can remain inside their homes rather than seeking shelter elsewhere.

Home standby generators operate automatically and therefore are permanently coupled to the home’s electrical system via an automatic transfer switch which is usually offered by the generator’s manufacturer. The switch and generator controller work together. In the event the power goes out, the generator starts as the transfer switch connects the property to the generator and disconnects it through the utility company. After utility power is restored, the connections are reversed and the generator shuts down.

Standard Features

Most 14kW standby generator manufacturers offer similar features and own brand of extra functionality. The engines possess a fully pressurized lubrication system comparable to that in cars and definately will de-activate for low oil pressure or high engine temperature. Each will run the generator by taking exercise cycles to keep the generator lubricated preventing seals from drying out. After operating under load, they run for a short, no-load cool-down period.

Utility power is mostly clean and also totally free of excessive noise. The AC frequency is steady and unvarying, and the voltage stays within a certain range, rarely falling below 108 volts and never exceeding 125 volts. Standby 14kW generators meet and frequently exceed precisely the same requirements and provide utility-quality power, even if the loads change frequently or while starting large, heavy-duty motors.

Continuous Power

Standby generators are rated by how much continuous power they can supply, but not all give you the rated continuous turn on all fuels. Kohler Power Systems and Generac Power Systems are two manufactures of 14-kilowatt standby generators that are powered by LP or propane.

Some manufacturers derate their multi-fuel generators when operating on propane because propane contains about 10 % less energy than propane. An electric which will be powered by propane will likely run just fine on gas with a few adjustments, but because the gas has less energy, the engine cannot release precisely the same power.

Remote Operation

Generac offers Mobil Link as an optional accessory. It uses the cellular text messaging system to communicate with an online-based dashboard that owners have access to everywhere with a web connection, bringing the Generac14kW standby generator controller to tcomputers around the globe. Status sms are sent to cell phone accounts. A digital cell phone connection with texting is required on the 14kW generator installation site.

Kohler’s On Cue Remote Management Systems allows owners to control their 14kW standby generator from around the globe. Status messages can be mailed to dealers, owners, or both to ensure maintenance is conducted as needed and problems managed before they create a generator to fail. Users are able to see real-time status, see and clean fault codes, manage generator performance, and review generator history. It offers for operation of multiple generators collected from one of account. The On-Cue Keeper requires Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 and generator net connection.


Kohler covers their 14kW standby generators using a consumer warranty of 5 years or 2000 hours for standby operation when reliable on-grid utility power is available, and includes labor through the first couple of years after installation. For off-grid applications where utility power just isn’t reliable or available, the warranty covers parts for eighteen months or 1000 hours.

Generac’s 14Kw standby generator includes a 5 year, 2000 hour limited consumer warranty for on-grid applications. Off-grid applications have no coverage and definately will void the warranty. Comprehensive parts, labor, and mileage are covered for the first couple of years, parts through the third year, and limited coverage with the engine block and alternator through the fourth and fifth years.

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Cummins Onan Cold Weather Package

Cummins Onan Cold Weather Package

Cummins Onan standby generators come in many different packages that include various automatic transfer switches and cold temperatures packages. Standby generators from Cummins Onan operate automatically when the utility power is interrupted and they are attached to an automatic transfer switch.

Winter packages enable the generator engine to start with less effort during cold temperatures, providing more reliable operation under harsh, cold weather conditions.

Cummins Onan Standby Generators

Cummins is really a trusted name in power generation, and standby generators aren’t any exception. Home standby units for emergency power are the 20-kilowatt and 13-kilowatt air-cooled models, along with the 20 kilowatt liquid-cooled machines.

Cummins Power Generation combines their residential standby generators with various automatic transfer switches to offer the demands of most home standby customers with utility-quality power that meets the needs of even the most sensitive of electronics. The generators come with a 5-year, 2000 hour limited consumer warranty.

Winter Equipment

Cummins recommends the addition of cold-weather accessories to use in climates where temperatures drop to zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

A breather heater warms the engine breather tube to avoid ice build up during winter. It connects to a cold weather kit (available separately) or into any cold weather equipped generator. The breather heater is suggested for use in environments where temperatures drop below zero.

The battery blanket warmer is really a flexible heater that wraps around the battery to keep it warm when temperatures drop below -10 degrees. A separate 120-volt outlet is required to fire up the heater.

Winter kits include an engine oil heater as well as an alternator dryer. The engine oil heater allows easier starting by continuing to keep the oil warm and fluid, and enables the lubrication system to supply oil faster following your engine starts. Alternator dryers keep frost from accumulating about the alternator.

20-Kilowatt Cold-Weather Packages

Four 20-kilowatt cold temperatures packages combine cold-weather equipped generators with automatic transfer switches. The 20kW standby generator packages will start and manage a 5-ton air conditioner and possess fully automatic power management capability.

The automatic transfer switches are either 100-amp or 200-amp, service-entrance-rated automatic transfer switches that include whole-house-power management capability and 2-amp rechargers, all in the NEMA 3R enclosure rated for outdoor installation. Included as well are an indoor wireless monitor and internet monitoring with email notifications.

The RS20-C150 has the 100-amp ATS, whilst the RS20-C250 has the 200 amp model. These generator packages are US EPA and CARB certified for emissions.

For easy installation, Cummins Onan includes two, 100-foot installation harnesses with all RS20-C1100 and RS20-2100. The C1100 includes the 100-amp transfer switch the C2100 with the 200-amp ATS. US EPA emissions only. Not obtainable in California.

13-Kilowatt Cold-Weather Packages

The 13-kilowatt standby generator packages from Cummins Onan include five different kinds. All include indoor wireless monitors and remote internet monitoring with email updates and therefore are 49 state compliant for US EPA emission standards.

Model 13GSBA-6711A is often a standby generator only equipped for cold temperature operation.

Packages that include the automatic transfer switches would be the RS13-150, RS13-250, RS13-C1100, and RS13-C2100. The transfer switches are service entrance, NEMA 3R rated for outdoor installation and furnished with the two-amp battery charger and whole-house-power management.

The RS13-C150 features a 100-amp switch and includes two, 50-foot wiring harnesses. The RS13-250 includes the 200-amp switch as well as the two 50-foot wiring harnesses.

The RS13-C1100 together with the 100-amp switch along with the RS 13-C2100 with 200-amp switch each come with two, 100-foot wiring harnesses.

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