Generac Generators Updates the 20kw Standby Generator

Generac Generators Updates the 20kw Standby Generator to New Model – 6244

Generac Power Systems introduced the updated model 6244, 20kW Guardian Standby Generator together with the new Evolution Controller. The favorite package previously sold under model #5875 which includes the 200 Amp, Service-Entrance-Rated Smart Switch, an automated transfer switch. The newest version of the Guardian Series backup generators was introduced in January on the 2013 International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Generac’s Guardian Series Home Standby Generators readily automatic transfer exchange signal of supply chance to a property during a power outage without homeowner intervention and operate on either propane (LP gas) or Natural Gas, eliminating the requirement for frequent refueling.

Evolution Controller

The Evolution replaces the Nexus Controller and includes several updated features. The newest interface is a back-lit membrane keypad to show generator status in a flash. Other latest features go beyond the cosmetic. The live view screen still shows two lines of text and reports maintenance logs, generator status alerts, and alarms, but new functional features help home owners with better information about battery health, along with alarms for the wall charger, overload, and fuse warnings to identify issues before they become problems.

The newest Evolution also supplies a laptop usb port which allows an installer to update the firmware without taking out the controller―a superior solution than swapping out the old Nexus controller for one with updated programming.

Engine Upgrades

The Guardian group of generators uses Generac’s specially designed overhead valve industrial engine―the only engine on the market which was specifically designed for usage in standby generators. Generac makes the engines inside their standby units much easier to service and has improved starting at many temperatures together with the new updated model line. A redesigned fuel system eliminates the choke and carries a standard throttle body.

Guardian generators ship from your factory willing to run on gas. Conversion to LP gas has always been easy and took barely any time, nevertheless the new design allows conversion without tools and just has a couple of seconds. It is as simple as turning a knob.

Entire Home Power

With 20,000 watts of power, the 6244 can run many kitchen appliances including ac units. The Smart Switch carries a load-shedding controller which allows high-voltage appliances to perform without overloading the generator. The Smart Switch senses an overload condition and shuts off high-voltage loads in order of assigned priority.

Without the additional hardware, the Smart Switch can control two ac units. Incorporating an electrical Management Module core kit allows adding a 3rd high-voltage device. Fully loaded with four Power Management Modules (PMMs) allows the smart switch the signal from manage when using two ac units and 4 additional high-voltage, high-current appliances.

Neighborhood Friendly Design

The 20kW 6244 will fit easily into any suburban neighborhood. The all-metal enclosure is powder coat painted for an attractive appearance made from Galvaaneal steel for a long, corrosion free-life. At only 66db, it’s quieter than many central air conditioner units―important for keeping the neighbors happy when their power is out along with their windows are wide open. Placement is manufactured easy by compliance with National Fire Protection Association codes and regulations for placement at 18 inches from the home.

Generac leads the industry with standby generators for backup home power, and now the Guardian lineup turns into a necessary update.

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