Why Kohler Generators are a Great Option for Home Standby Units

Why Kohler Generators make the perfect Option for Home Standby Units

Kohler entered the power generator industry after WW 1 when they began building the Kohler Automatic Power & Light Power Plant in 1920 for usage on farms along with other isolated locations. At the time, the rural power grid hadn’t been conceived and the power plant filled a gap that filled a fast-growing dependence on electricity. The generator system was revolutionary because it started automatically whenever power was needed as opposed to operating all the time.

During WW2, Kohler supplied generators to U.S. troops throughout the world in support of the world war 2 effort. After the war, they built standby emergency generators for hospitals, businesses and government buildings that needed the best method to obtain standby power―at the period an unknown concept―Kohler had been there with generator products which met the demands of the time.

After their entry to the generator market a lot more than 90 in years past, Kohler Power Systems remains manufacturing and supplying standby generators that work automatically without human intervention.

Kohler Home Standby Generators

Kohler’s home standby generators supply power in the event the electric utility fails. Joined with a mechanical transfer switch, the units standby around the clock to start and run automatically in the event of a power outage.

When the power fails, the generator waits a couple of seconds so that the outage is not momentary. Then this engine starts and reaches operating speed. The automated transfer switch disconnects through the utility supply and connects to the generator. Electricity is restored to selected circuits through the entire home (with regards to the transfer switch configuration). When the utility lines are re-energized, the transfer switch restores utility capability to your home. The generator runs for any minute for cooling down, then turns off.

Kohler supplies home standby generators in sizes that range from 8500 watts to 100kW that satisfy the power needs of even the most luxurious homes and lots of businesses.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Standby generators require an automatic transfer switch to work automatically. Kohler designs their automatic transfer switches specifically to use their standby generators. They’ve got several different designs to meet the requirements on most homes.

The Intelligent Transfer Switch Load Center combines a main service panel with the automatic transfer switch that features an intelligent load-shedding power management system. The indoor model has room for 40 circuit breakers, the outdoor NEMA 3R model has room for 28. This model can switch the main service panel.

Other transfer switches made by Kohler include 100 to 400 amp models with or without load centers and power management capabilities. Models without load centers can manage utility and generator power for the complete home or perhaps a subpanel, while load center models are built to operate being a subpanel with the main circuit breaker panel as the source.

Kohler Power Systems Reliability

Kohler carries a long reputation for reliable power solutions. Their innovative systems have already been providing power at home and throughout the world since the 1920s, and so they were one of the first to make available automatic standby generators. Their home standby generators come with an industry-leading warranty that covers their units for 5 years or 2000 hours. The generators can operate for days or even weeks as appropriate, and so their models are factory tuned to run on either LP gas or Propane, which makes them efficient and reliable performers supplying utility quality power when needed.

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